Plant Health Care

plant health care services

Offering Professional plant health care Services to Durham, NC, and the Surrounding Areas

Plant health care is a holistic or natural approach to tree care. This will not be a spray everything and kill all pests approach. The focus will be maintaining healthy plants by developing an environmentally friendly plan, so there will be less issues.

With a seasonal program in place, we will be able to continually have eyes on your trees and shrubs and hopefully remain proactive as opposed to reactive! 

Trees & shrubs are usually always stressed due to an urban environment versus in a natural environment. This is why plant health care is so important.

Did you know that trees usually decline because of the urban and suburban spaces they live in?  This is a cultural problem vs. insects or diseases. Those are problems too, but they are usually secondary issues.

Good soil, good cultural practives, and positive ecological stewardship help alleviate this issue.

We would love to partner with you and help care or your loved plants.

It all starts with a consultation.

We Can Help You Make Your soil, plants and trees happy and healthy

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Pruning ornamental and flowering plants is what we do. 
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