Tidy Up Your Unruly Trees

Tidy Up Your Unruly Trees

Find out how tree pruning can improve your property in Durham, NC

If the trees on your Durham, NC area property are untidy and overgrown, not only could your curb appeal be suffering, your loved ones and employees could be in danger from falling limbs. Keep stray branches in check with ornamental tree pruning services from BroadLeaf Tree and Shrub, LLC. We follow ANSI and ISA guidelines to keep your trees healthy and safe.

One of our owners will be present at every job. Reach out to us now to schedule tree pruning services.

Why should you keep your trees trimmed?

In addition to making your trees look tidy and boosting your curb appeal, regular ornamental tree pruning can:

  • Preserve your tree's health by removing unsightly and diseased branches.
  • Allow a more equal distribution of sunlight and nutrients throughout the tree.
  • Keep your tree from becoming top-heavy or growing crookedly.

Discover how tree pruning services can enhance the safety and appearance of your property in the Durham, NC area. Call 919-632-3565 today.